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Your garage door can develop a problem during its lifetime and you need to know whether you can fix it yourself or call our professionals. Check our FAQ page below first and then give us a call if you’re still uncertain.

Should I install windows?

Garage door windows are an excellent idea. They make an aesthetic difference. Though be extra careful! They're not actually recommended by our experts for hurricane prone areas. It's always good to get safety glass and make sure they can withstand strong impacts. It's also wise to install them at the highest parts of the door for security reasons.

Which doors need less maintenance?

All garage doors should be checked periodically just to be on the safe side but composite materials need minimum maintenance. They cannot be cracked easily and they will never erode, rot, or warp. They are an excellent investment since they will cost you practically nothing in garage door maintenance and they will never hassle you with problems.

How do I know which part of my door is broken?

It is best to check the door for any creaking or squeaking sound as it might just need some oiling up. The problem can range from your garage door brackets to your Sears Craftsman garage door opener. Do the basic troubleshooting first before sending it for any kind of repairs.

Is my garage door balanced?

Your door is not balanced if you have trouble opening it using only one hand. When you have an imbalanced door, it usually means that the springs were not properly installed. Having imbalanced doors can later cause further problems with other components of your garage door, so it's best that you have your system checked by a professional.

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