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How smart is it to repair garage doors without having any knowledge about them? Get our professionals' excellent tips here

Trust the new opener accessories

Garage door openers have developed a lot over the last years and lately special attention has been given by manufacturers to their accessories. Remote controls are not the only devices to have improved over time. There are backup batteries, timers to close the door, controls via internet, and other ways to make your life more convenient and safer.

Learn more about the new genie clicker

The new Closed Confirm remote by Genie will be a really helpful tool for those who have a tendency of leaving the garage door open. The new clicker has lights, which flash according to the status of the door: red when the garage door hasn't been closed properly and green if it is well closed.

Protect your garage door from rust

The key to keeping your metal garage door free from rust is to keep it dry. To prevent moisture from damaging the exposed parts, paint should be applied to the panel, railings, exposed door tracks, and the hinges. Even if your garage door is not directly exposed to rain or snow, it can still accumulate moisture through condensation so it’s advisable to have it painted.

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