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We are an S Miami Heights garage door repair company offering top-notch garage door services and offer only the best. We even give out lots of services including adjustments and maintenance of garage doors. It is actually service made for protecting the garage door and keeping it great. Our contractor would actually come out of your garage door often and would do a regular lubrication and screw tightening as well as with checking the entire parts with problems.

Apart from those, our broken spring replacement and door opener installation service is superb.

Garage Door AdjustmentsWe are geared with installing and replacing down garage doors. We even keep up a good stock of different types of doors be it wooden, craftsman, steel and aluminum doors. It mainly comes from the modern up to traditional styles. We even have our glass garage doors and they come up in a modernized mode that would only belong to you. If you spend most of your time in the garage, you could take these great ones, as it lets the sunlight lights up your garage room. 

The only thing is that, if you are thinking about springs for your doors, then there are torsion and broken door springs you could take for the heavy doors or some sort of extensions for your light doors. This torsion actually comes out in two sets of two and the extension only comes in one set of two. Both of them are actually made up in a galvanized type of door springs. They are even coated up with the mixture of iron and zinc, making the springs to last in long periods of time. You should always keep in mind that you couldn’t just replace a spring, as it is hazardous. It could kill people, most especially if they only have very light knowledge about this thing. So, hiring us would make things easier for you.

Moreover, let us tell you about our service. Whenever you have already seen about our garage door opener repair, you would know that they are heavy and totally bulky. They could be a difficult thing to try and even to replace, not unless you are already an expert for this type of thing, The openers we carry are Genie, Liftmaster garage door opener, Sears, Craftsman, Marantec and Chamberlain. It simply comes in different styles and you could find the one matching your drive whether it is a chain driver, screwdriver or the belt drive. It simply comes in different styles, so you could always find the one matching your style. You can even let us install the opener for you or if you already have the one, let us do the troubleshooting for you.

Here are the garage opener remotes we offer:

  • Genie intellicode- it is actually a remote with the rolling code technology for your safety as well as security. It only means that every time you open up your door for the inner code, it would change automatically, so it could not be copied and traced for some criminal purposes.
  • Clicker- it is actually taken as one of the best and universal garage door remote you can consider.
  •              Liftmaster security- it is a remote with the rolling code technology.
  • Multi-code- it is actually a remote letting you to be on the different frequencies all at once.

The top brands that we offer will surely keep you from getting your vehicle in and out of the door. It all comes in different sizes as well as styles. Our contractor could even replace, install or repair the remotes. The garage door repairs like these are simply what we offer:

  •              door off track
  •              Garage door cable repair
  •              bottom rubber
  •              Broken door spring repair
  •              weather strip
  •              broken emergency release
  •              door maintenance
  •              genie opener repair
  •              door replacement

We could surely do all of these repairs and other things. We even have an emergency service and our customers could always reach us whenever they need us.

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